The EdUp Experience Podcast #142: Technology Enhanced Operations – with Jim Milton, Chairman & CEO, Anthology

In this amazing episode of The EdUp Experience, we have the honor of speaking with Jim Milton, Chairman & CEO, Anthology. Anthology is a new entity combining three formerly separate organizations, including one company we know many higher ed professionals have heard of or used – Campus Management.  Along with Campus Labs and iModules, Anthology now serves over 2,100 higher ed institutions across 34 countries. Jim talks to us about the need for technology during the pandemic and why investments in tech are critical for the post-pandemic world. Dedicated to creating the industry’s most powerful and impactful suite of tools and solutions, Jim believes that through collaboration, we can create new technologies that transform the lives of students and campuses in ways that have only just begun to be imagined. 

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge, including more than 35 years of technology leadership experience, where he has successfully led product expansions, mergers, acquisitions, sales strategies, and more.

Jim was responsible for leading the Campus Management team toward delivering superior student information systems, ERP and CRM solutions to higher education institutions globally. Previously, he served as CEO, President and Director of SoundBite Communications, a SaaS/Cloud-provider of multi-channel communication solutions. During his tenure he transformed and expanded the company’s product offerings, orchestrated and integrated two acquisitions, and directed its ultimate sale to Genesys in 2013. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada.

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