Faith-Based Institution Maximizes Enrollment and Student Services

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From growing pains to maximizing enrollment and student success.

How does a small, faith-based institution in Lancaster, Pennsylvania manage 100 percent growth in a three-year timeframe? 

Leading up to this accelerated growth phase, Lancaster Bible College (LBC) hit its capacity for how many students it could engage effectively using its existing infrastructure, processes, and staffing levels. Without a CRM system, for example, LBC was managing communications records in spreadsheets and Excel files.

“With the increased demand and labor intensity, we were potentially missing important opportunities to be the relational hero to our prospects and students,” said Joshua Beers, Senior Vice President for Student Experience at Lancaster Bible College. “We wanted to expand, but also maintain our reputation for highly personalized student service. The pace, however, was exhausting our team.” 

As LBC looked to expand to additional locations including Memphis, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., as well as rapidly grow its online programs, it became clear that it would need a new technology foundation. With a scalable, next-generation student information system and CRM solution, LBC would be able to continue deploying its platform as new locations and students were added and increase engagement capacity and effectiveness at the same time, all without having to increase staff.

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