Working together today to improve tomorrow

Anthology’s diverse Alliance Ecosystem is critically important not just for serving our customers, but the global higher education community. This evolving framework is a combination of our dedicated higher education solutions, services and partnerships that creates promising opportunities for the institutions we serve today—as well as those who will join us in the future.

Anthology Alliance Ecosystem


Our Industry members help ensure Anthology’s network of solutions operate smoothly with other vendor products used by our customers. From bookstore options to peer mentoring programs, or operations logistics to compliance assistance, our Industry members have you covered.


Our Solution members provide multiple integration options to our customers, allowing for critical connection points with systems across varied technology landscapes. These added features ensure you’re getting the most out of every aspect of our solutions.


Our Strategic members play a critical role in the success of our customers, assisting the deployment of Anthology solutions through product ties and built-in additions. From payment gateway and processor options to content and document management, the ease of strategic integration saves you both time and money.

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