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Registration and Management for Blackboard Learn

Take the pain out of training management

Registration and Management for Blackboard® Learn centralizes all the tools you use to deliver training. You can easily manage who needs training and track how well they were using your delivery method of choice.

Registration & Management

Self registration: Access a catalog of all training being offered by your organization, which learners can use to self-register through integrated gateways.
Powerful reporting: Select from more than 30 existing reports, including completion reports, and users can create and save new reports using a powerful report builder.
Management dashboard: Managers can quickly visualize the training for their direct reports. Key indicators help monitor training activity, completion results, and engagement rates.
Learning paths: Administrators can create training programs that learners need to complete and track their progress. Learning paths can include prerequisites and timelines.
Approval workflow: Registrations can go through an approval workflow where managers process requests before the learner is given access. You can also control caps and requisites.
Certificates: Upon completion of training, the learner is issued a certificate for that enrollment. The completed training is also available in the learner’s transcript.
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Sync data with ease

A comprehensive API allows external applications to interface with the database. Administrators can also bulk upload CSV files to create courses, learners, and sections.

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Flexible emailing and reporting

Access actionable information based on user-defined criteria, including performance scores and activity levels. Emails can be sent automatically based on a dynamic criterion, and all emails are stored in a communication log. Users can also create customized reports using a powerful report builder so that data that needs to be constantly reported on are available with a few clicks.

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Access and security

The system administrator can easily configure Registration and Management so that only certain users have access to specific pages. For instance, the administrator can specify that only the training manager has access to the learner activity, or that a manager only has access to their employees’ data. Access and changes to the database are tracked and logged, and SSL encryption is used to ensure data is kept safe.

“But even better, with this dashboard, is that this is a one-click overview of where their direct staff are with their trainings, where they can approve training requests, and where they can see if any of their employees are out of compliance with their mandatory trainings or anything that you’ve marked as mandatory.”

Lindsey Heister
Communication, Training, and Learning Management System Specialist
Workforce Development Bureau
Human Resources Services Branch
California Department of Social Services