Integration Partnerships

Expand your ability to deliver exceptional experiences

We partner with the industry's leading and most innovative companies to help you easily and reliably integrate other EdTech products with ours in impactful, innovative ways.

The power of Anthology partnerships

By leveraging our extensive and growing partner network, you can connect your Anthology products with other valued technologies to create one unified platform. With hundreds of partner integrations to choose from, you’ll be able to offer your learners, educators, and staff an exponentially more efficient and powerful user experience.

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Partnerships with the industry’s most innovative companies

With hundreds of top EdTech partners, we’re confident you’ll find an integration solution that will solve your challenges and help you surpass your goals.

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Experiences that are unified and cohesive

Our LTI- and API-based integrations create deep connections between Anthology and partner products for a seamless user experience.

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Integrations you can count on to work well

As a standards-first company, you can work confidently knowing that our integrations are reliable, supported, and scalable.

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Interested in becoming an integration partner?

Becoming a partner offers you access to the tools, resources, and support critical to building and promoting your integrations globally. With partnership tiers that span from free to highly customized, you’re sure to find an option that’s right for you.

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