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Data from across your campus, clarified

Destroy silos, uncover the value locked in your data, and light a clear path to success

Introducing the only comprehensive data and reporting platform for higher education: Anthology Illuminate is the first-of-its-kind, truly holistic data analytics platform that incorporates data points from across Anthology products and other sources to deliver key, actionable insights that guide student and institutional success.

Gain holistic, data-driven impact across campus

Teaching & Learning

Deliver personalized teaching and learning experiences, intervene earlier, and optimize courses with comprehensive student profiles—including academic history, course performance, communication history, and learning preferences.

Student Success

Enhance student support with targeted interventions, informed advising, and improved engagement for higher retention and success.

Operational Excellence

Unlock operational excellence and cost savings through data-driven resource allocation, streamlined administrative processes, and informed decision-making.
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With Anthology Illuminate, you can:

Implement the right data and reporting features and functionality based on your unique needs and timing

Anthology Illuminate Reporting

Provides easy-to-access advanced data exploration and visualization capabilities for institutional leaders and business users seeking to create reports and dashboards on the go

Anthology Illuminate Developer

Delivers enhanced data developer capabilities to empower BI analysts and data developers with an enriched data querying experience to meet advanced reporting needs

Anthology Illuminate Graphic

Enhanced features for data exploration & report creation

Anthology Illuminate gives you the power to unlock insights hidden in your institutional data. Spend less time slicing and dicing data and more time focusing on what matters.

Data Q&A

Explore your institutional data by asking questions from a wide set of topics related to critical aspects of the student experience and get customizable visual answers.

With Data Q&A, you can:

  • Answer questions by interacting with your institutional data in natural language (Generative BI)
  • Present answers to those questions in a meaningful way using various visualization tools
  • Pin visuals of frequently asked questions in personalized dashboards for quick access
  • Access advanced filtering options, forecasting, and prescriptive questions
  • Ask questions and get answers depending on the user’s institutional hierarchy and role
Screenshot of the Anthology Illuminate Data Q&A screen over a yellow square

Custom Reports

Create custom interactive visuals, analyze data, and share dashboards with key stakeholders.

Custom Reports allows you to:

  • Connect with a wide set of preconfigured external data sources
  • Use pre-built data sets, or create your own
  • Create reports and visuals using drag and drop tools and a wide set of visualization tools
  • Explore and visualize data depending on the user’s institutional hierarchy and role
  • Create dashboards and visualizations on the go in a no-code interface
  • Publish author reports and visualizations into a dashboard and share them with others
  • Drill down data using advanced visual filtering options
  • Set alerts and schedule reports to be shared automatically
Screenshot of the Anthology Illuminate custom reports screen over an orange square

Expertly crafted reports for Teaching and Learning

Try the broad set of optimized built-in reports available to eligible Blackboard Learn clients at no additional cost.

Unlock the value of connected LMS and SIS data

Drive your institution and students’ success leveraging Blackboard Learn and Anthology Student data in a centralized analytics platform.