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Blackboard Learn for Business

Modern. Simple. Secure. A new kind of LMS.    

Blackboard Learn, our premier Learning Management System (LMS), provides instructors with the autonomy to author and deliver modern, inclusive, and consistent training experiences that learners desire—anytime, anywhere.  

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  • Provide blended learning experiences that improve learner outcomes

  • Impact continuous improvement with real-time insights

  • Share everything in one place to streamline instructor-learner workflows

  • Benefit from Blackboard Learn SaaS model—your team can focus on learning programs, and we’ll handle the system

  • Integrate easily with existing systems and tools in your learning ecosystem
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Discover a superior test-taking experience

Flexible assessment types and customizable feedback support instructors’ unique approaches while providing learners with control of strategies best suited for their assessment success—all resulting in easier and more effective teaching and learning.  

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Deliver an inclusive learning environment

Personalized learning experiences, which offer learners the flexibility to access courses on the go, empower expression within an equitable, all-encompassing ecosystem—built with accessibility in mind.

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Inject autonomy and action

Data insights drive success and provide engaging learning experiences. Learners can track their own progress, identify next steps, and get the support they need. Instructors can identify disengaged or struggling learners even sooner.

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Product roadmap informed by instructors and learners

Blackboard Learn is the only LMS that offers design and functionality based on direct feedback from the global education community.

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Ensure flexible access

Expand the scope of learning with courses that are accessible to employees, stakeholders, and contractors, integrate with HR software and allow for self-registration.

Utilizing Blackboard Learn there were a lot of benefits, not just the cost savings from a travel standpoint, but the additional work time they get in the field and they are better prepared for the in-person class.

Tony Gagliardo
Area Vice President Enterprise Nuclear & Technical Learning
Xcel Energy
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