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Celebrating your success

When Anthology launched the Anthology Academy in 2021, our goal was simple: to provide our clients with an outstanding educational resource.

Nearly a year later, our ever-expanding digital library of valuable content provides basic training for new users of Anthology products, as well as more advanced content for experienced users to strengthen their product knowledge. We’re proud that Anthology Academy continues to attract new subscribers on a daily basis as it heads into its second year.

We are thrilled to celebrate the success of the thousands of clients who have been successfully accessing and learning from Academy content in the year following its launch. Congratulations to all the Anthology clients who are advancing your knowledge and taking your training to the next level with Anthology Academy!

If you aren’t one of the thousands who have logged in, join your peers in taking advantage of the Academy’s free resources by self-registering now at the Essential level. We’re excited for you to get the best Anthology experience possible!

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For Brandon University, Anthology Academy is where their team finds all the training and information they need to be successful on an ongoing basis. Hear why it’s where they do their best learning.

[The Academy] makes us feel more connected to [Anthology] software and what it can do for us. So it helps us see ourselves in that product and how we can manipulate our data to be more meaningful to our stakeholders.

Kristin Jette
ERP System Coordinator
Brandon University
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Transformative results

New Courses continue to be added weekly to cater to our customers’ training and professional development needs
New Users: The Anthology Academy is available to all users from any member institution
Courses Completed by users since March 1st, 2021

We’re just getting started.

You will have access to even more resources as the Academy continues to grow. Check back frequently for new materials and look for new course offerings, guided learning pathways for Enhanced and Enhanced Plus subscribers, and expanded live training options for Enhanced Plus subscribers.

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