June 22, 2022

Boosting Learning Experiences with Beeline Reader

As educational institutions worldwide have shifted to digital learning environments, they've become aware of the different needs of today's students that come from a wide range of backgrounds. This broad set of diversity and variety means that institutions need to be inclusive, and they need to grant students with full access to digital content and materials—no matter what their needs are. There is definitely a big impact for learners in the way they can read and learn online presently that needs to be softened.

Anthology Ally helps institutions to face these daily challenges by creating more inclusive learning environments that allow them to break accessibility barriers and ensure digital content is accessible for all. It also empowers choice, boosts student engagement, and delivers a better experience overall thanks to an available set of alternative formats for them to choose how to view course materials, including BeeLine Reader.

BeeLine Reader reduces the incidents of line transition errors by making text easier to read, using eye-guiding color gradients that match up the color at the end of one line with the color at the beginning of the next line. Many readers, especially those with dyslexia; ADHD; new language learners; and those who have difficulties with line skipping, line repeating, and visual tracking have found that BeeLine allows them to read with unprecedented fluency and ease.

BeeLine alternative format in Anthology Ally works seamlessly on mobile or desktop, providing an HTML format that offers a variety of preset dynamic color options perfect for reading during the day or nighttime. This capability is especially convenient since students read in different environments.

Screenshot of a BeeLine Reader Text Example

BeeLine Reader Text Example

By strategically partnering with pioneers such as BeeLine Reader, Anthology Ally continues its mission of promoting best practices to improve accessibility to digital course content and build more inclusive learning environments for everyone.

Headshot of Rosario Bruzón López

Rosario Bruzón López

Product Marketing Manager