February 23, 2021

Infographic: Education's Digital Transformation

This content was previously published by Blackboard, now part of Anthology. Product and/or solution names may have changed.

Our clients were leading digital transformations on their campuses long before 2020. When the pandemic hit, the transition to remote instruction accelerated the adoption of digital tools at a pace no one could have predicted. We are so proud of the accomplishments of our clients, and the endless ways they supported their students at their own unique schools, districts and campuses. When we look back on 2020, and the sustained increases in the use of our EdTech solutions, we are reminded that every moment spent in our LMS, virtual classroom, mobile apps, and other solutions are moments of teaching and learning.

And as we look ahead, we consider how this accelerated adoption of digital tools will enable us to continue to advance learning in partnership with our clients around the world. The digital experience is now embedded in the education experience, and great possibilities lay ahead.

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The Anthology Team