February 18, 2022

Instructor Feedback for WYSIWYG: From Reactive to Proactive Content Creation

Creating more inclusive learning environments and breaking accessibility barriers is a daily challenge for institutions. Leading institutions understand that cutting-edge technology make it easier to improve designs, boost student engagement, and deliver a better experience overall.

Since its inception, Blackboard Ally has been a leading accessibility tool that provides valuable insight to instructors and content creators. Blackboard Ally assists users in creating more accessible digital content by generating accessibility scores, identifying accessibility issues, and providing substantive feedback for course materials.


Instructor Feedback for the WYSIWYG Screenshots

Our passion for innovating and building inclusive spaces has led to the creation of a powerful new functionality coming to Blackboard Ally: Instructor Feedback for the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This new feature within the Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to provide real-time scoring and feedback in the course content editor. This will allow instructors and content creators to make immediate modifications to course materials while maintaining the familiar Blackboard Ally experience.

Thanks to WYSIWYG instructors can easily create and edit content while benefiting from Blackboard Ally's real time scoring and instant feedback. WYSIWYG significantly reduces the time it takes to make changes to course content, allowing instructors and content creators to be proactive instead of reactive in content creation as accessibility is improved.


“The new Ally interface for the WYSIWYG editor is something we are excited to introduce to our faculty. The real-time meter changes catch the eye, making users more likely to check the interface and make improvements to increase the meter score. The interface itself is visually more prominent and user-friendly and offers better guidance than the previous checker.”

Krystal Iseminger Accessibility and Course Quality Specialist at WSUTech

The Instructor Feedback for WYSIWYG further demonstrates Blackboard Ally commitment to community-centered development practices. New features and improvements are continuously being developed by listening to customers and utilizing their feedback

With this release, Blackboard Ally continues its mission of promoting best practices to improve accessibility to digital course content and build more inclusive learning environments for everyone.

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