March 11, 2024

What’s New in Anthology Reach – March 2024

In the dynamic landscape of higher education, institutions face the ongoing challenge of balancing administrative efficiency with personalized student engagement. At Anthology, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating technology to streamline processes while prioritizing the individual needs of students. With the winter 2024 release, we're excited to introduce a suite of enhancements designed to revolutionize the student and staff experience with Anthology® Reach.

Real-Time Journey transition-related enhancements

Anthology Reach now offers enhanced features related to the Real-Time Journey module, empowering our customers to seamlessly transition from the legacy Outbound Marketing functionality to optimize their CRM experience with the latest enhancements available. With improvements to the Interaction Overview Section, generating documents as part of Real-Time Journeys, and streamlined consent management for email and SMS, institutions can harness the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Effortless appointment booking with Staff Calendar enhancement

In our quest to simplify the appointment booking process, we've revamped the Staff Calendar feature. Now, students can seamlessly schedule appointments with advisors or staff members directly through the portal. With just a single click, students can view the availability of advisors within their department and location, significantly reducing the time and effort required to secure a slot. Our intelligent auto-assignment feature ensures appointments are efficiently allocated based on the appointment type and advisor availability, enhancing productivity for staff and convenience for students.

Book Appointment - Search by available slot

Personalized decision letters with PDF support

Generating and posting application decision letters just got easier with our Decision Letter Format enhancement. Users now have the flexibility to generate decision letters in either HTML or PDF format directly from the Decision Definition Details page. This feature empowers institutions to personalize communication with applicants, delivering decision letters in a format that suits their preferences with efficiency.

Decision Letter Format field on the Decision Definition Details page

Personalized applicant portal experience

Tailoring the applicant portal experience has never been more convenient. With the new “Display on Portal” field for applicant requirements, users can choose whether specific requirements should be visible to applicants on the portal. Additionally, we've enhanced the Application Summary page to dynamically display or hide sections based on the availability of records, providing a clutter-free interface for both staff and applicants.

Display on Portal field on the Requirement Definition Detail page

Seamless payment processing with Flywire integration

We're excited to introduce seamless payment processing through our new integration with Flywire. This integration simplifies international payments, offering students a convenient and secure way to make transactions and further enhances the global reach of our CRM platform.

Empowering student success with Blackboard Learn data integration

In our ongoing efforts to deliver innovations to support student success initiatives, we're introducing a beta feature that allows the import of student course performance and engagement data from Blackboard® Learn into Anthology Reach. In addition to the LMS trends report, the integration will equip advisors with valuable insights and process automation to enhance student outreach and interventions.

LMS trends report - Anthology Reach

AI-assisted student engagement and support

In December, we introduced Microsoft Copilot into Anthology Reach. We encourage our clients to try out Copilot features in Anthology Reach and provide feedback about these and other AI-powered enhancements that may be beneficial for you in the future.

Stay informed: Important dates and upcoming features

The Winter 2024 Release is now available. Check Service Desk for release notes and visit the Anthology Idea Exchange to submit ideas, vote on others, and see updates on what's being considered for future releases.

At Anthology, we're committed to empowering institutions with innovative solutions that drive efficiency, foster engagement, and enable student success. Explore the possibilities with Anthology Reach and join us in shaping the future of higher education.

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