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Anthology Course Evaluations

Elevate your course evaluations and your understanding

You don’t need us to tell you how important comprehensive and robust course evaluations data is. With Anthology Course Evaluations, you can optimize your process from start to finish, reduce the stress of evaluation season, and provide the insights necessary to improve the learning experience for your students.

NOTE: This product may not currently be available in all regions. Contact us to learn more.

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  • Powerhouse reporting

  • Flexible set up

  • Automated processes

  • Experiential evaluations

  • In-depth customization

  • Seamless data collection
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Level up with powerful reporting capabilities

Aggregate, compare, and share consumable reports to collectively identify trends in students’ perception of their learning, then highlight successful practices and discover potential areas of improvement within the learning experience. 

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Save time with sleek, modern automation

Streamline your administrative process with email automation, relative start and end dates, and report distribution that fits right in with your pre-existing structure. 

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Get thorough results through flexibility

Multiple feedback options and custom questions allow you to adapt and enhance the current process already in place at your institution. 

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Capture the full student experience

Experiential evaluations allow you to handily receive accurate feedback from your students and preceptors about out-of-the-classroom learning. Reports can then be made readily available to any key stakeholders within your program. 

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Build your ideal evaluation process

Customization is available for many features within the tool. Permissions can be set to match your institution’s hierarchy, giving the appropriate people the control they need. And question sets can be created as necessary to yield the most pointed and productive feedback. 

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Elevate your teaching and learning with 40+ years of expertise

Go beyond standard course evaluation. Provide your educators with analyses that include recommendations for development which consider both instructor goals and student self-rated progress. Using our normed and validated instruments, you can provide instructors with feedback from students on their perceived progress on learning objectives and on frequency of teaching methods. 

I work with other vendors and partners who have gone through the same things as Anthology. They’ve switched parent companies and organizations. Every time I’ve experienced that it’s like starting all over again. With Anthology, it hasn’t been that way. We’ve always had that support and knowing that is there goes a long way in building that trust and partnership.

Aaron T. Flint, MHA, MA
IT Director of Instructional Support Services | Adjunct Faculty
Southern New Hampshire University
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