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Enrich learning. Exhibit improvement. Empower students and faculty.

With Anthology Portfolio, you can capture the student learning journey, both on and off campus, to demonstrate growth and improvement over time through robust reporting and analytics. Seamless LMS integrations allow students to submit work and receive grades all in one platform. Shareable portfolios provide both students and faculty the opportunity to further develop their skills and showcase their achievements. With these tools and more, you’ll be able to easily document the narrative of your institution in real time.

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  • Unlimited and customizable portfolios

  • Powerful LMS integrations

  • Goal and activity tracking

  • Flexible permissions

  • Innovative results analytics

  • Enhanced experiential learning
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Streamline organic, authentic assessment processes

Flexible, advanced assessment options not only fit into but boost your existing processes and workflows. Help students instantly see the meaning in their assignments, learning activities, and experiences as they document and reflect on their academic journey in real time, reviewing feedback along the way. 

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Show off growth and success with shareable portfolios

Students can use artifacts gathered from assessment activities to display their skill development and highlight achievements throughout their academic years and beyond. Faculty can conveniently curate and share teaching, research, and scholarship achievements using faculty portfolios, as well. 

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Templated assistance for assessment

Use real-time tracking to get eyes on student learning gaps, and address concerns individually as well as with program improvements. Aggregate and disaggregate templated, custom, and exportable reports to provide evidence of outcome achievement and efforts to improve teaching and learning, and support programmatic accreditation efforts at the same time. 

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Manage outside-the-classroom learning

Follow experiential learning across all types of student placements, from a single afternoon session in the field or clinic to a year-long internship. One-click overviews show in-progress and completed placements, while placement coverage reports offer detailed insights, including diversity exposure where necessary. Easily gather feedback from external reviewers, encourage student reflection on their experiences, track and confirm completion hours, and survey a variety of stakeholders from a single tool. 

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Powerful integrations will save you time

Intentionally designed to integrate with your other solutions, Anthology Portfolio enhances and streamlines various assessment activities. Seamless LMS integrations support student artifact submission and grade passback. Robust bulk and API import options, plagiarism detection integration, and file import options for Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive ensure compatibility with your existing tools. Additionally, support accreditation and improvement efforts by feeding data directly into Anthology Planning. 

[Portfolio] was significant during our CAEP Accreditation visit and state report during 2017, and I honestly do not know how we would have collected all of the unit-wide data for these reviews without the system in place. Having the ability to attach assessments to our field placements has made this a simplified process, so that all of our supervisors (even those that are not tech savvy) can effortlessly enter in their interns’ evaluations each semester. [Portfolio] has continued to provide our college with efficient data collection and reporting, playing a crucial role in our accreditation and program reviews.

Lisa Peterson
Accreditation Coordinator
University of South Carolina-Columbia
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