FAFSA Simplification ISIR Crosswalk

Start preparing for upcoming changes to FAFSA with this resource from Anthology’s financial aid experts. Inside, you’ll find a detailed spreadsheet addressing the status of more than 900 ISIR codes based on Department of Education guidance, including:

  • Fields that are unchanged
  • Fields with simple one-to-one adjustments
  • Fields with significant one-to-many adjustments
  • Fields that have been removed from the FAFSA

We hope this will help support the whole higher education community as we prepare for these significant changes, regardless of whether you are a current Anthology customer.

“This ISIR crosswalk is based on Anthology’s proprietary analysis of the 2024-2025 draft of the FAFSA Specifications Guide Volume 4-Record Layouts and Processing Codes May 2023 update vs 2023-2024 EDE Technical Reference July 2022. This analysis is for informational purposes only and is intended to assist you in cross-referencing ISIR information for 2023-2024 vs 2024-2025. Anthology is not providing legal advice to you, and any reliance on this ISIR crosswalk is at your own risk. The Department of Education will release future drafts and a final 2024-2025 FAFSA Simplifications Guide with additional updates. Please reference Knowledge Center Home for any subsequent updates.”

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