Anthology is Helping Students in Need

This year, Anthology started the new year by advancing education with its higher ed technology, but also with a focus on supporting students in need. Four education-centric non-profit organizations were identified, and Anthology asked its customers to decide where the donation dollars should go – a new program that gives back to students in need on behalf of Anthology’s customers.

“We are grateful to and for our customers, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to help us choose how best to allocate our donation dollars,” said Jim Milton, Chairman and CEO of Anthology. “On their behalf, Anthology will be making a difference this year by providing aid to students who are struggling due to the pandemic, as well as supporting mental health outreach for college students, education equality at all grade levels, and providing learning resources to those who would otherwise have none.”

The majority of donation dollars will be allocated to Believe in Students: Covid-19 Student Emergency Aid Initiative, which led the poll, with over 37 percent of total customer votes. This effort, which launched in April 2020, supports students impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly the over 1.5 million students who are left out of the CARES Act, such as Dreamers, foster-care youth, international students, justice-impacted students, and those who are forced from their homes or estranged from their parents. Donation dollars will go directly to students who need it most, providing necessities such as food, books and supplies.

While Believe in Students was the clear winner, there were no losers in this race. Anthology will also be supporting three other charities on behalf of its customers, albeit in slightly smaller percentages. The runner up with nearly 25 percent of votes, was the International Rescue Committee—a global organization that helps those whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster.  Anthology’s dollars will be specifically geared toward their education initiative, providing children, youth and adults with classrooms, books and other educational resources.

Additional donation dollars will go to The Education Trust, which advocates for equity in education from preschool through college, and Active Minds, which is a nationwide, on-campus initiative focusing on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

“Thank you to all our customers who voted.” Milton said. “And thank you for changing student lives on a daily basis through the power of education.”

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