The Connection is Real at Anthology Together 2021

Anthology will be holding its first ever user conference this July 12-15 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, just outside of Dallas. Anticipation is high, as this will be the first chance since Anthology’s formation last July for team members and customers from around the globe to meet in-person. More excitingly, this will be the first opportunity in well over a year for presenters to connect with a real-live audience.

“One of the best things about being a presenter is getting in front of the people. That way, when they reach out to you, through email or some other means, they feel as though there is that personal attention. They feel like ‘I trust her, because I saw her speak to me, and I know who I’m talking to,’” said Monika Arntz, Product Manager, Analytics for Anthology’s CampusNexus and Academic Economics solutions. “It’s just making that connection on a personal level.”

Arntz certainly knows from experience, seeing how she has been presenting at user conferences for the past twenty years. She has taught classes and been a presenter more times than she can count. The times she has enjoyed the most have been those with the most audience interaction, “It’s more fun when it’s interactive with the audience. Getting feedback, right then and there. Answering questions they may have about using a tool, or about a study we did. You learn so much more that way.”

Another benefit of being a presenter? There is a discounted price for up to two registrations. For those who are interested in presenting at Anthology Together 2021, there is still time to submit a proposal. The Call for Proposals is open through February 26 and all presenters will be notified by March 5.

“Preparation is key. But also, be ready to go with the flow,” Arntz advises future presenters. “Things can change at a moment’s notice, and if you know your product, and you love your product, then that’s not a problem.”

To attend Anthology Together 2021 register now and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing. Regular registration will be open until June 26.

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