White Paper

AI, Academic Integrity, and Authentic Assessment: An Ethical Path Forward for Education

Legendary basketball player Allen Iverson went by a couple of nicknames across his storied career: “A.I.” and, most famously, “The Answer”. More than a decade after Iverson’s retirement, learners across the globe are turning to AI to find The Answer for common test and essay questions, while instructors and institutions look on in shock as formerly difficult assessment tasks are turned instantly into free throws.

Time out on the basketball puns. The wide availability of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools for learners has ushered in a new era for academic integrity, with established assessment policies and practices needing urgent revision now that students can generate responses to many tasks with just a couple of clicks. This white paper provides Anthology’s perspective on best practices to maintain academic integrity, outlining what we believe is the most ethical response to the rise of generative AI, and detailing both the possibilities and limitations of learning technology to support the use of AI in higher education.

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