Research Paper

AI in Higher Ed: Hype, Harm, or Help

In the constantly evolving landscape of higher education, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), its integration into technology and our daily lives, and its use in and outside of the classroom have brought incredible opportunities and complex challenges. As universities embrace this new age, understanding the unique viewpoints of students and university leadership—the key stakeholders— is vital in capitalizing on the potential of AI while also addressing potential ethical, pedagogical, and operational challenges.

Anthology conducted a global survey of more than 5,000 higher education leaders and current students in eleven countries to provide context and perspective from those leaders and students about the opportunities, challenges, adoption, and impact of artificial intelligence. The study reveals insights highlighting the need for a collaborative approach regarding AI to help enrich the educational experience and ensure future-ready graduates.

This report focuses on the responses from students and university leaders in the United States, including where there are significant differences compared to their counterparts in other countries.

Through this research, Anthology aims to contribute to the enhancement of the higher education experience for students and universities as they work together to refine how teaching and learning take place.