Enhancing Higher Education With Generative AI: A Responsible Approach

Generative AI holds tremendous promise for all stakeholders in higher education. But guardrails are needed. Strong governance and policies that empower instructors are at the core of a responsible approach to using generative AI in academia.

This Strategy Guide, developed by MIT SMR Connections and sponsored by Anthology, provides a helpful toolkit for institutions looking to adopt generative AI in an ethical way. It brings together views from leaders at the MIT Sloan School of Management, the University of Michigan, Arizona State University, Emory University, Texas A&M, Microsoft, and Anthology to outline the risks and benefits of generative AI, and how policies can be shaped to balance them.

Download for free today to learn more about:

  • Establishing AI guidelines
  • Preparing varied stakeholders for the rise of generative AI
  • Maximizing benefits for students and instructors
  • Creating management strategies for AI risks
  • Ensuring security in the AI era
  • Using AI to advance accessibility 

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