White Paper

The Students’ Perspective: Valuable Insights for University Leaders - Canada Edition

In the increasingly challenging realm of higher education, understanding the evolving needs, preferences, and expectations of students is paramount to helping ensure their retention, completion, and long-term success. This is against a backdrop of learners having more options and opportunities today to gain skills than ever before, as well as the value of higher education being questioned to a higher degree in parts of the world in recent years.

Anthology conducted a survey of more than 1,000 current students in Canada to provide context and perspective about the opportunities, challenges, preferences, and technology impact across a number of areas, including use of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI in higher education.

Through this research, Anthology aims to contribute to the enhancement of the higher education experience for students and universities in Canada as they work together to refine, and in some cases redefine, how teaching and learning take place. This includes providing actionable recommendations to improve services, support systems, and learning environments.