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Anthology Milestone

Learn skills. Achieve goals. Earn recognition. 

Enable learners to certify and showcase their skills and accomplishments. Support them by aligning paths and outcomes as they transition into the next stage of their educational or professional journey. 

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  • Badging and micro-credentialing

  • Personal and career goal setting

  • Competency assessment

  • Skill recognition, endorsement, and showcasing

  • Guided skill progression

  • Open badge 2.0 compliance
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Badges and micro-credentials

Increase learning engagement and confidence with automated badging and micro-credentialing. Give learners multiple levels of skill assurance and insight into potential career pathways. Provide them a place to present a lasting portfolio of their achievements. 

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Verify learner competencies

Document and report on your learners’ demonstration of skills with competency assessments. Manage the evidence and show them where they’re excelling and where they can use help—all while improving your program offering. 

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Level up their educational journey

Guide and visualize learner progress using open or sequenced badge pathways. Create stacked or micro/macro badge-based journeys that build the learning experience over time. Engage learners with an intentional or gamified approach to competency-based education. 

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Look to tomorrow

Give your learners skill guidance, progression, and clarification toward starting or advancing their career exploration and preparation plans. Match their strengths and interests to common job skills and help them understand and articulate their value. 

Milestone will be a wonderful addition to our campus. The Milestone team has helped us to zero in on our specific wants and needs to engage our campus in a thoughtful manner. Not only will our students benefit from having experienced this platform, but so will our staff and faculty who do co-curricular programming as well. Milestone provides a digital, tangible way to share what our students are learning from the experiences we are providing at Seton Hill.

Elise Michaux
Former Director of Student Leadership & Involvement
Seton Hill University
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