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Anthology Program Review

Revitalize and centralize your internal program review process    

Siloed data sound familiar? Get everyone on the same page with Anthology® Program Review. By creating custom templates or making use of the current CAS standards, you’ll be able to collect evidence of program effectiveness and clearly identify areas for improvement. And with the ability to give access to the necessary stakeholders across campus, you can build a centralized, sustainable workflow for your annual assessment and program evaluation efforts.

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  • Collaborative data experiences

  • Access files from anywhere with online storage

  • Evidence-based reporting

  • Annual effectiveness plans to show program improvements

  • The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education partnership

  • Data connections between standards and student learning
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Great minds think together

Your team can organize, track, and review everything through a central online location. You’ll have the reassurance that comes with a consistent process and still benefit from the flexibility of immediate access. 

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Build on your foundation

By making the most of the data you already have, our user-friendly management tools let you link your assessment data and connect it back to your program review. You can expand your dataset through embedded dashboards, provide evidence of student learning, and highlight program achievements based on your strategic planning goals and objectives. 

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Strike up new partnerships

Our exclusive partnership with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) provides the resources for a thorough, ready-to-use program review process, building the entire library of CAS standards right into our system. 

CAS provides sets of functional standards and cross-functional frameworks as well as a process for self-study and program review. In addition, CAS provides additional resources to support this process. As a [Anthology] user, these tools are at your disposal.

Dan Bureau, Ph.D.
Former President
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education
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