Anthology Ally

Empower learner choice. Build inclusive environments.

Create more inclusive learning environments by making digital course content more accessible for all. Improve the experience of every student and instructor by giving them the ability to tailor that experience to their specific needs and preferences.

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  • An integrated and seamless approach to creating more accessible content
  • Automatically generated alternative formats for all learners
  • Instructor feedback and guidance to increase awareness
  • Institution-wide reporting to prioritize efficiently and effectively
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Empower your students with choice

Give learners the flexibility of choosing the most effective way to interact with digital content to meet their own needs and challenges.

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Gain feedback and insights

Get recommendations and provide guidance for instructors to improve digital content and build toward a sustainable change in behavior.

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Enable data-driven decisions

Have a deep understanding of the institution's performance based on reports, discover continuous improvement opportunities, and track progress over time.

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LMS agnostic approach

Ally integrates will all major Learning Management Systems, including Learn, Canvas, Brightspace and Moodle.

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We’re on a journey with accessible content that hasn’t entirely been about legislative compliance. It’s been about making better content and improving the student experience. With [Anthology] Ally, we’ve had such a positive experience, it's the right partner on the road.

Andrew McConnell
Information Officer
University of Glasgow
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