Anthology Encompass

Use engagement analytics to change strategy.

Encourage your alumni and supporters to do more than just engage. By combining analytics with leading engagement tools, you benefit from a seamless constituent experience to further build involvement and support.

  • $All online engagement in one place
  • Tools to personalize communications and outreach
  • $Flexible online giving with gamification
  • Management of simple to complex events
  • %Engagement analytics
  • Membership support

Fundraising options for your success

Flexible fundraising options whether you’re running a day of giving, multi-year capital campaign or crowdfunding project.

Use a robust, integrated engagement toolbox

Anthology Encompass provides you with the right resources to find, engage and connect alumni and supporters, track your success and identify additional opportunities.

Focus on what matters most

Engagement analytics help inform your decision-making and highlight where to invest time and resources.

Foster collaboration

Unify teams on one platform so everyone is working toward the same goals, making you more efficient and creating a cohesive constituent experience.

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“With Encompass, we’ve been able to bring together alumni engagement and fundraising into one platform for our team. We’ve seen increased engagement and more online giving throughout the year, as well as during our Day of Giving.”

Colby HorneSenior Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Bridgewater College

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