Anthology Accreditation

Collaborative accreditation workflows for going beyond compliance.

Gather crucial evidence for external stakeholders while enhancing your broader mission. Go beyond basic compliance and follow the path to continuous improvement.

  • Simplified reporting
  • Paths of evidence
  • Paperless processes
  • Faculty credentialing

Monitor completion requirements and progress in real-time

See evidence of learning achievement across all levels with progress monitoring and data visualizations. Clearly understand upcoming deadlines, the status of specific requirements and accreditation decisions after submission.

Engage faculty and staff in the process

Maintain continuity and benefit from flexible documentation by storing all reporting data in one centralized and accessible solution.

Share evidence with everyone

Stay organized and informed with evidence collections that can be viewed by internal and external stakeholders. Through powerful integrations you can embed deeper data visualizations in your reporting to support specific standards, demonstrate your commitment to student learning through outcomes assessment, or showcase your continuous improvement efforts at your institution.

Keep faculty credentials up to date

Quickly locate and provide faculty information for your accreditation process, maintain credentialing at the institutional level and ensure administrators have the appropriate data available for reporting.

Improve processes and save time

Use Anthology's library of regional and specialized accreditation standards to improve processes and save your institution time. Requirements are maintained, updated and pre-loaded by us to ensure you have everything you need.

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“Using the [Anthology] platform, we are able to provide the quantitative information that proves actual movement towards meeting our goals.”

Rilla JonesAssociate Vice President of Planning and Research
Northeast Mississippi Community College

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