Anthology Digital Assistant

Say hello to your next-gen AI student assistant.

Benefit from an automated artificial intelligence chat bot designed to assist students and staff. Fully integrated with Anthology Reach and Anthology Student, the Digital Assistant provides students with both answers and services.

  • 24/7 chat availability
  • AI built on Microsoft BOT framework with Azure Cognitive services
  • Custom question/ response capabilities
  • Automated responses to queries
  • Live agent assistance
  • Escalation/follow-up for chat interactions

Hands-free effective assistance

Powerful AI provides exceptional service 24/7, imparting basic answers and services so staff can focus their time on the students who need them.

Improve student satisfaction

The Digital Assistant is equipped with a plethora of responses and services to ensure students can meet most of their needs via the chat agent.

Know where your students shine

Track metrics around closed and satisfactory chat sessions to discover how to better understand what’s affecting your students.

Enhance your institutional knowledge

Capture and log repeated student questions or pain points to know which areas need addressing.

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“Our goal was to create an AI entity that could provide 24/7 support covering a wide range of topics from questions related to the admissions process, what is happening on campus, financial aid and academic related queries. But more than that, we believe Anthology Digital Assistant can help you understand your students on an emotional level.”

Raymond Todd BlackwoodVice President of Product Management

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