Anthology Occupation Insight

Guide your students from classroom to career.

Improve students’ preparation for their future career. By highlighting skills acquired through courses and sharing daily labor market data, your students will feel supported throughout their career exploration.

  • Labor market information
  • Data on in-demand careers and opportunities
  • Links between acquired skills and careers
  • Employment information for program review

Blend career preparation into the student experience

Empower students to prepare for post-graduation by infusing career exploration and preparation throughout their time at your institution through easy-to-understand visualizations and having information at their fingertips. Enable advisors to help students see how the skills they earn will prepare them for the careers they want.

Inform program development and review

Gain visibility into labor market demand to inform curriculum reviews, program assessment, and accreditation. Use this data to ensure programs meet employer and student expectations.

Understand career demand

Use academic information through the Career and Program Explorer to help students understand their level of preparedness by seeing the skills sought for in-demand careers and by accessing searchable and updated active job postings from various platforms.

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“With Occupation Insight, we’re able to increase student awareness of the opportunities in the job market and program options at the college. Also, given our focus on skills, students can make connections between the classroom activities, program selection and workplace skills – as well as return on investment based on potential earning.”

Dr. Marcia AustinDean of Workforce Development, Career, and Technical Education
Pasco-Hernando State College

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