How Qwickly Jot and Blackboard Learn helped improve accessibility and engagement among engineering students at Kettering University

Kettering University made it easier for its graduate engineering students to complete complex math problems in an online environment, improving student engagement and performance along the way.

Institution Type: Four-year private

Location: Flint, Michigan

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The Challenges

Kettering University was searching for a way for students in its Masters of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering - Advanced Mobility Program to complete complex math problems in an online environment. The program's unique focus is to train mechanical engineers to work in the electric vehicle (EV) and advanced mobility sector.

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The Solutions

Kettering University discovered Qwickly Jot, a tool that allows students to use a stylus and a tablet to complete lengthy math problems and submit them directly through the learning management system (LMS). Kettering University was an early adopter of Qwickly Jot, leveraging the direct integration with Blackboard® Learn.

Qwickly Jot and Blackboard Learn work together to seamlessly share information to supercharge your assignments. Here's how it works:


  • Launch Qwickly Jot: Create Qwickly Jot assignments directly from Blackboard Learn.
  • Build engaging assignments: Boost understanding and creativity. Upload your own assignments, including images, charts, or maps, or use one of many included templates. Allow students multiple attempts at an assignment.
  • Effortless grading: Review and grade submissions in Qwickly Jot and sync grades to the gradebook with the click of a button.


  • One-click access: Jump into assignments straight from Blackboard Learn.
  • Interactive learning: Unleash your knowledge on images, diagrams, and more. Write, annotate, and sketch directly on Qwickly Jot assignments.
  • Receive feedback: See your grades and instructor comments, helping you stay on track and improve.

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The Results

Qwickly Jot has been a huge success at Kettering University. Students and instructors alike appreciate the tool's simplicity and the ability to use it seamlessly within Blackboard Learn. Kettering University has been using Qwickly Jot for more than five years and the tool has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both students and instructors.

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The Benefits

Kettering University has seen a number of benefits since implementing Qwickly Jot, including:

Improved student engagement and performance: Students are able to complete complex math problems more easily and efficiently with Qwickly Jot. This has led to improved student engagement and performance in the Masters of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering - Advanced Mobility Program.

Increased accessibility: Qwickly Jot makes it easier for students to complete math assignments, regardless of their handwriting or the size of their screen. This is especially beneficial for students who are working on product launches or other projects late at night.

Enhanced professionalism: Qwickly Jot allows students to submit neat and tidy math assignments, which reflects positively on the university's reputation for providing a high-quality education.

Tailored solutions: Kettering University requested a change to Qwickly Jot to allow for a larger, more expansive white screen for students to complete long math problems. Committed to meeting the needs of clients, Qwickly rapidly deployed this update, creating a tailored solution to make Qwickly Jot more efficient for the university.

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Kettering University is a prime example of how Qwickly Jot can be used to improve online math education. The tool is simple, easy to use, and accessible to all students. Kettering University has seen significant improvements in student engagement and performance since implementing Qwickly Jot and the integration with Blackboard Learn.

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Institution Type: Four-year private

Location: Flint, Michigan

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If you are an online engineering institution and have your students doing long math problems, you need to be using Qwickly Jot.

Dr. Christine Wallace - Vice President of Kettering Global