Syracuse University Drives Attendance for Orange Central

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Congratulations to Syracuse University, our 2019 Honor Roll Winner, for increasing engagement!


Each September, Syracuse University hosts Orange Central Homecoming, their annual reunion weekend to kick-off the school year. The event is unique because event registration and participation has been elevated each year by staff members in the Division of Advancement and External Affairs based on their experience and knowledge of Encompass tools being used to manage the event. Over the past few years, the department has made it its goal to increase participation at Orange Central.


In the summer of 2017, Syracuse leveraged the tools from iModules Encompass to improve its event management strategy and drive banner results. Syracuse University leveraged role-based events, role-based promo codes, segmented emails, and the events app to promote the weekend and drive alumni back on campus through the online registration process. The team also utilized Encompass to create an online feedback system for candid comments to improve the registration process.


Following each Orange Central weekend, Syracuse collects metrics to help them evaluate specific areas that could be improved for the following year’s event. Since the implementation of Encompass tools for their registration portal, the team has seen numbers grow by 62%. Additionally, segmented emails supporting Orange Central have a 10% higher open rate than the general alumni email communications. Their online feedback system has seen a 16% response rate increase, many of which have been positive reactions from their constituents. The team expects continued growth in the years to come as they continue to build and improve processes surrounding the event.

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