On-Demand Webinar

Beyond Bias: Culturally Responsive and Critical Assessment for Social Justice

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As a student affairs professional, you focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competence in your approach to developing impactful programs and services. But how intentional are you about ensuring cultural responsiveness and avoiding bias in your assessment work? Are you conducting socially just and critical assessment? In this webinar, we examined the assessment cycle—writing outcome statements, selecting methods, collecting data, analyzing results, as well as using and sharing results—through a critical lens for student affairs. We touched on the inspiring scholarship of Wall, Hursh, and Rodgers (2014); McArthur (2016); Montenegro and Jankowski (2017); and Heiser, Prince, and Levy (2017) throughout our discussion. We also offered practical, action-oriented strategies and resources to help your campus reduce cultural bias, increase cultural responsiveness, and engage in socially just assessment practices.