On-Demand Webinar

Policy & Practice Summit: Accessibility and Inclusivity

Higher education has struggled to make learning broadly accessible for decades. The challenges aren’t new, but the pandemic revealed to administrators how deep the issues penetrate the learning experience of their students, from physical access to the digital classroom. Administrators quickly realized the scale of the problem and that their campus’s digital learning experience must adapt to students’ learning needs, learning environment and devices. 

Today’s hybrid learning environment has also created an opportunity to center the conversation on digital accessibility around how it can drive inclusivity. The Center for Advancing Learning was excited to host an accessibility and inclusion webinar where panelists discussed and defined a more accessible digital future on campus. They also spoke on tangible steps that campus leaders could take to put their institution on the path toward it. Panelists examined how federal regulatory policy could evolve and ways lawmakers and regulators could drive more inclusive digital learning environments in higher education.