April 11, 2023

Beyond the Law: Centering Accessibility in Corporate Training Programs

In today's corporate landscape, accessibility has become a critical aspect of training and development programs. Focusing on accessibility not only helps organizations meet legal requirements but can also significantly enhance employee satisfaction and retention. With the help of tools like Anthology® Ally, organizations can ensure that their training programs are accessible and inclusive for all employees.

When online training programs are designed with accessibility in mind, employees with disabilities can participate more fully, which can lead to increased engagement, motivation, and retention. Inclusivity in the workplace can help build a sense of community and belonging, fostering an environment where all employees feel valued and supported. This can also help organizations attract and retain a more diverse workforce, which has been shown to lead to increased innovation and improved business outcomes.

The benefits of accessibility in training programs extend beyond employees with disabilities. Many employees may have an undiagnosed disability or may not disclose it to their employer. By ensuring that training programs are accessible and inclusive, organizations can make sure that every employee has equal access to the learning materials and resources they need to succeed.

Anthology Ally helps organizations ensure that their online training programs are accessible to all employees. These tools provide alternative formats for training materials, such as audio or braille, and give instructors feedback on the accessibility of their content. By making accessibility a priority, organizations can create a more inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all employees.

In addition to enhancing employee satisfaction and retention, focusing on accessibility can also improve an organization's reputation and brand. Consumers and stakeholders are increasingly interested in the accessibility and inclusivity practices of the companies they work with, and a commitment to accessibility can be a differentiator in the marketplace.

Investing in accessibility in corporate training programs is not just about meeting legal requirements but also about creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for employees. Anthology Ally can help organizations ensure that their training programs are accessible and inclusive for all employees. By focusing on accessibility, organizations can improve employee engagement, motivation, and retention, attract a more diverse workforce, and enhance their brand reputation. As the importance of accessibility continues to grow, it is crucial for organizations to make it a priority in their training and development programs.

Headshot of Celena Westlund

Celena Westlund

Senior Marketing Manager for Business and Government

Westlund joined Anthology in 2021, bringing nearly 11 years of government and marketing experience, including over 7 years at the U.S. Institute of Peace and 3.5 years at a MarTech company. In her role at Anthology, she works to create awareness and demand for our EdTech solutions in federal, state, and local governments, and within corporate entities. Westlund graduated from Washington State University with an M.A. in strategic communication and previously earned an M.A. from American University in international peace and conflict resolution, with a focus on conflict in the Southern Balkans.