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The Anthology Education and Research Center is our hub for education thought leadership and research. The Center is focused on providing higher education institutions with valuable information on topics that are impacting the global education community.

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Three Guiding Principles

Our work in supporting educational institutions is informed by three guiding principles. To achieve them, our team closely follows legislative actions, regulatory issues, and policies that impact higher education and education technology.

Increasing access to educational opportunities for all

Supporting underserved & at-risk populations

Improving educational efficiencies & outcomes


Teaching, Learning, and Accessibility

Promoting improved teaching and learning, with access to the learning experience for all.

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Institutional and Operational Effectiveness

Enhancing evaluation, assessment and accreditation, and improvement initiatives.

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Enrollment, Retention, and Success

Helping learners persist and succeed in their educational journeys and growing institutional enrollments.

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Global Advancement of Digital Education

Addressing global challenges and opportunities in a digital education environment.

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In support of the Center’s impact areas, the team has a particular focus on the following:

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
  • Community Colleges
  • Global Advancement of Digital Education (GADE)
  • Anthology/UNESCO Partnership
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What’s new at the Center

Envisioning How Data-Informed Colleges and Universities Will Redefine the Student Experience

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