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Anthology Outcomes

Assessment, accountability, and action all made easy   

Quality learning outcome assessment data is crucial to the success of learners, teachers, and academic programs alike. But how do you create a passion for assessment that infuses every level of your institution?  

With Anthology Outcomes, you can craft an easy-to-use learning outcomes hub that is customizable to your specific needs. This will allow you to collect measurable, comprehensive data across all levels of the institution. Powerful data analytics tools can guide you not only in reporting what you’ve learned to stakeholders, but also in taking action that can lead to tangible improvements for your constituents. 

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  • An intuitive and straightforward interface

  • Industry-standard outcomes framework support

  • Auto-generated curriculum mapping

  • Multi-level outcomes documentation and reporting

  • Seamless integration with LMS and other Anthology solutions

  • Aggregated and comparative dashboards

  • Customizable data collection fields and standardized rubrics
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Standardize data collection across campus

Let each division, department, section, and course manage their own outcomes assessment process while maintaining centralized oversight. With sturdy LMS integrations, assignable permissions, and timely reminders, you can create an intuitive and painless experience for all users at all levels, collecting and accessing data whenever you need it. 

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Visualize progress with comparative dashboards

Comprehensive reporting offers real-time student outcomes data for all levels of your institution, allowing you to concentrate your valuable time and efforts on interpreting achievement trends and gleaning opportunities for improvement. 

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Dive deeper with data science

Analyze the quality of your outcome statements through Bloom’s Taxonomy visualizations and view automated curriculum maps and text analytics in one location. Track the methods, delivery, and use of assessment results to fully measure outcomes achievement at your institution and better understand the validity—and potential impact—of your data. 

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Measure by achievement across every level

With the Anthology Insight integration, you can disaggregate outcomes achievements by student demographic and compare your data across course, program, or institution level outcomes. You also have the option to compare longitudinally, to more fully identify trends and assess progress. 

With Outcomes, we’re transitioning learning outcomes assessment from the collection of data to the use of results. For the first time, faculty and staff were involved in the assessment process and talking about how their roles contributed to the core competencies. Outcomes provided the platform for these discussions, and review of actual assessment results was easily accomplished with a few mouse clicks. Outcomes provides visual connections, which creates the opportunity to truly engage faculty and staff across the institution with outcomes assessment to improve student learning.

Susan Riley
Assistant Dean of Academic Initiatives
University of Cincinnati -Clermont College
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