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What’s new in our Privacy Statement

This page explains what’s new in our Privacy Statement and summarizes previous changes.

October 2023 – Updates for Data Privacy Framework

Minor update to the Privacy Statement to refer to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework as an additional data transfer mechanism.

August 2023 – Minor update to Partners section

Minor update to the Partners section to reflect that some Learn clients may use the YouTube API Services as part of integrations and to include the link to the relevant Google privacy policy.

December 2022 – Updates for New US State Privacy Laws

Minor updates to the Privacy Statement to refer to the US State Privacy Notice which provides supplemental information for residents of the States of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Utah and Virginia in to address the new consumer privacy laws in these states (previously, the supplemental notice was only applicable to California residents).

July 2022 – Initial Version

This new Privacy Statement was developed for the consolidated web presence of Anthology and Blackboard following our merger.

It is based on and reflects the commitments in the previous separate privacy statements of Anthology and Blackboard. Our commitments and the way we use your personal information have not changed.