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Online Program Experience (OPX)

Online program management has changed—for the better 

Return ownership of online programs to where they belong—your institution. Anthology’s Online Program Experience (OPX) delivers proven ROI with guaranteed data transparency to help you develop, deliver, and grow online programs. Best of all, you choose only the solutions you need and reap the benefits when your programs succeed.     

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  • Measurable enrollment growth
  • Ownership of all assets and revenue
  • Flexible services tailored to your campus’s needs
  • Complete data transparency
  • Quality, differentiated programs
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Your programs. Your revenue.

Own your creative assets and course content—which means you also control your incoming revenue. It’s that simple. 

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The support you need, without paying for anything you don’t

With Anthology OPX, only pay for the services necessary using our fee-for-service model. Solutions are tailored to your specific needs, unlike traditional OPMs that require you to buy into a full package regardless of your goals and objectives. 

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Keep your finger on the pulse

Receive thorough reporting and complete data transparency. Never miss out on the opportunity to optimize your programs and uncover opportunities for growth. 

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No more “cookie cutter” solutions

Create unique, impactful programs that meet student demand and stand out from the market by leveraging our extensive experience in online learning and our data-led approach.

One of the best things about working with Anthology is that it is a true partnership. They are immediately responsive to our requests and always enjoyable to work with. We could not have picked a better partner to help us market and grow our online programs at UTEP.

Beth Brunk-Chavez
Extended University at University of Texas El Paso
University of Texas El Paso

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