Anthology Student Verification

Reduce the stress of financial aid processes.

Help your students and staff navigate the crucial but potentially burdensome world of financial aid verification. With smooth integration into any SIS and a straightforward set up, our tool simplifies and manages workflows to keep your students focused on learning and staff focused on allocating aid.

  • Automate and ensure compliance for the verification process
  • Verification review and approval, comment codes and professional judgements
  • Streamline mobile student experiences
  • Support multi-award year selection and review
  • Reduce stress on staff for compliance issues
  • Built-in comparison and verification to enable ISIR review

Help your staff help your students

Reduce operation costs by streamlining the financial aid verification process for staff with real-time dashboards, automated document storage and dynamic document requirement triggers.

Motivate your students to focus on their studies

With a secure student portal, real-time status bar and convenient communications through email and text, your students benefit from an easy process so they can keep their attention on tackling their coursework.

Financially sound students stick around

By improving the financial aid process you’re helping improve student retention. Students quickly gain access to their aid, enabling them to pay for books and fees and stay on top of course work.

Meet all your regulatory requirements

Take comfort in knowing our product is ED compliant, enables C-flags and comment codes as part of the rules engine and provides an audit trail for all activities.

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“I watched a student start their Verification from their phone during an IT Orientation session, which was outstanding.”

John JurgensSenior Programmer/Analyst
College of Westchester

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