Anthology Academic Economics

Balance educating effectively and operating efficiently.

Make connections across your campus to highlight program and institutional impact. Discover relationships between your student credit hour analysis, courses, and cost allocations to inform campus conversations and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Margins generated by programs, majors and courses
  • Trends in instructional expenses, examined by course size and type
  • Scenario planning for operations and decisions related to tuition cost
  • Faculty and course size reviews at the program, department or course level
  • Impact of changes on KPIs like discount rate and tuition costs
  • Opportunities to adjust faculty coverage ratios

Understand the operational “big picture”

Gain a 360-degree view of your academic economic situation from every level of the institution and identify trends within your campus data.

Put a magnifying glass on your processes

Uncover the roles each program plays to achieve your mission and make investment decisions to ensure the continued success of your students and institution.

Involve the entire institution

Help administrators and faculty members understand revenue and expenditures at the college, program and major level with information that can be found and shared across the institution in a digestible way.

Make an educational and operational impact

Use comprehensive data and visualizations to build strategies that will impact the future of your institution and academic programs.

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“Every institution needs to have this detailed information to help inform and guide their decision-making process. Academic Economics doesn’t need to make the decisions, but it should be paramount in the review and evaluation process. At the same time, the intent is to maximize resources to help the institution achieve their overall goals while balancing learning outcomes and financial operations.”

Michael Leardi, Ed.D.Assistant Vice President of Campus Strategy

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